Tiếng anh giao tiếp hằng ngày 16: Gặp bạn cũ

Các từ mới:

  • Keep in touch - giữ liên lạc
  • Surrgery - phẫu thuật

Các mẫu câu:

  • Oh my gosh, look who it is!
  • Hey man, long time no see!
  • It's been far to long - lâu quá rồi nhỉ
  • I can't believe it's been ten years
  • When was the last time we saw each other?
  • I haven't been seen you in a while - đã lâu rồi chưa gặp bạn
  • It has been a long time
  • It's so nice to see you
  • Look at you! you look great!
  • How have you been?
  • What have you been up to? - lâu nay cậu thế nào?
  • What have you been doing for the past 2 years? - 2 năm vừa rồi bạn thế nào?
  • What are you doing these days? - dạo này đang làm gì thế?
  • What is your job now?
  • How are your parents, are they doing okay?
  • Have you kept in touch with Viet? - cậu có liên lạc gì với Viet không?
  • What's Viet up to these days? - dạo này Việt thế nào?
  • Did you hear about Viet's surrgery? - cậu có biết gì về ca phẫu thuật của Việt?
  • I'm so happy we reconnected
  • Let's do this again soon - lần sau lại gặp nữa nhé!
  • Let's catch up again
  • Glad to see you again, but I have to hurry to work.
  • Nice to meet you again, but I have a bit of work to do.
  • It would be nice, if we could talk later.


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